SaniULTRA is a revolutionary disinfection appliance that uses the power of UV-C light to automatically sanitise indoor air as well as surfaces. It's a hybrid of our standalone devices SaniOffice Light and SaniTastic.

This single, integrated device kills airborne infectious pathogens around the clock and also disinfects surfaces when safe to do so.

Surface disinfection & normal light source

The lower section of the device has a dual function. Normal lighting and surface disinfection. It has one UV-C Germicidal Irradiation lamp that comes on automatically at night between 2am and 5am, and only when the illuminated area is completely unoccupied. It also has two LED tube lights to provide your normal lighting requirements. Before the UV light turns on a warming message is given. If someone does enter the space, the dual channel microwave motion sensor will immediately shut-off the UV-Light. It will only turn it back on to complete the disinfection cycle when the space is vacated.

Air disinfection

The upper section of the device incorporates multiple UV-C Germicidal Irradiation lamps and a fan. The fan draws air through a special UV-C light chamber wherein the air is completely sanitised. The sanitised air is expelled through a grille at the end opposite to the fan. Both the inlet and outlet are optimised to ensure UV light does not escape the irradiation chamber. Thus allowing the sanitation process to operate whether people are present in the room or not.

The UV-C dosage rate and residence time within the irradiation chamber is sufficiently high to inactivate the DNA of the hardiest viruses, bacteria, molds and highly infectious pathogens. The chamber is designed to achieve a greater than 5-log (99.999%) reduction of hardy microbes like Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Staphylococcus aureu (Golden Staph). As such less hardy pathogens like Influenza and Coronavirus are easily destroyed.

Since it's not easy to know when an infectious pathogens are present in a room or the rate of infections materials is being released by infected people, we recommend that UV-C air disinection operate continuously. Since infection transmission is dependant on the magnitude of the viral load (i.e. the concentration of infectious particles within a particular room), the more frequently the air is sanitised, the lower the probability of person to person transmission. As such, we further recommend that multiple devices be operated similtaneously such that the total volume of air in the room is disinfected at a rate of 10-15 times per hour.

No Filtration

We deliberately do not include any form of air filtration in the SaniULTRA.

  • The key reasons for this approach are;
  • Avoiding the retention of particulate matter, thus ensuring the design airflow rate is always consistent.
  • Maintenance is substantially simpler and more affordable.
  • Most of the "air purifiers" on the market use filters but do not included differential pressure monitoring or high DP alerts, therefore their filters are changed subjectively at random intervals, at the discretion of and to the benefit of the maintainer. This is detrimental to the effectiveness of the air treatment and the people it'ss meant to protect.
  • Filters require the fan to generate a higher static pressure, thus resulting in increased noise, power consumption and costs.
  • Most importantly however, we’ve omitted filters so as to seek benefit from allowing inactivated virus exposure. This contributes to enhancing people's natural immune response.

  • Downdraft airflow

    SaniULTRA has also been specifically designed to promote fast flowing downward airflow. This approach aids in preventing horizontal person to person aerosol transmission.

    Inexpensive and Rapidly Implementable

    SaniULTRA is not only very affordable, it delivers a handsome Returns on Investment. Especially for operators of aged-care facilities, restuarants, offices, co-working centers, theatres, schools and the like.

    Implementation is as simple as afixing it to the ceiling with four screws, mounting the occupancy sensor, connecting it to the existing switched light circuits and turning it on.

    It also fits neatly into suspended ceiling frames having grid centers of 300mm x 1200mm. As such it readily replaces standard 1 ft x 4ft light troffers.

    Many use-cases

    Universities Schools
    Elevators Offices
    Restuarants, RSL Clubs, Cafes, Bistros Aged Care
    Hotels, Motels, Quarantine Hubs, Hostels Consulting Suites, Medical Centres, Clinics
    Places of Worship Gyms

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    Product Details

    • High intensity UV-C in enclosed housing, >500 J/m2
    • 24/7 disinfection of the room's air
    • 2 hour long, overnight disinfection of all exposed surfaces
    • The most superior way to disinfect geometrically complex surfaces, fabrics, soft furnishing and carpets
    • Environment friendly
    • Completely dry process
    • No residues
    • Cleans the air in work spaces while it's occupied
    • Reduce the chance of catching the flu
    • Reduce the chance of catching airborne coronavirus
    • Helps reduce sick-day off
    • Helps alleviate anxiety
    • Hospital grade germicidal disinfection
    • No harmful chemicals, mists or fogging
    • Fully automated operation
    • Install and forget
    • Kills 99.99 - 99.999% of Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa and Molds
    • Accidental exposure protection assured via a dual channel microwave sensor
    • Best in class lamp and electronic ballast from Philips
    • Made from Aluminium to exhance UV reflectivity
    • Surface disinfection period: 1.5 - 3 hrs per night
    • Optimum ceiling height: 2.4 - 3.0m
    • Dimension: 295mm(W) x 262mm(D) x 1230mm (L)
    • Airflow: 110m3/hr
    • Normal LED light output: 4,600 lumen
    • Normal LED light Color designation: White (WH)
    • Normal LED light Correlated color temperature: 3000 K
    • Lamp operating life: 18,000 hours
    • Peak energy consumption: 392 Watts
    • Electrical connection: Single phase, 5 Amp, 240 Vac, 50 Hz
    • External colour and finish: Matt, unpolished aluminium

    3D Model

    Shown supported from suspended ceiling framework


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