SaniTASTIC is an air disinfection appliance. It kills infectious airborne bacteria, mold, and viruses, including the novel Coronavirus (Sars-Cov2). It consists of a casing that houses a fan and Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) lamp. The fan draws air into the casing. As the air passes through the lamp's irradiation zone, all infectious microbes carried in the air is exposed to UV-C radiation which damages the DNA & RNA of microbes. The microbes are rendered inactive and incapable of reproduction by the time it exits the SaniTASTIC.

We recommend installing sufficient SaniTASTICS into a room so as to ensure the total air volume of the room is disinfected through the SaniTASTICS at least fifteen (15) times every hour. This will ensure a high level of air sterility. For rooms higher risk environments, where multiple infected people might be present alongside more vulnerable people, such as lecture theatres, we suggested increasing the rate to 20-30 times every hour.

The casing, it's air inlet and outlet are all designed to ensure people are not exposed to UV-C light emitted from the internal lamp.

Defense against the common cold and flu

SaniTASTIC is designed to inactivate numerous and hardy bacteria and viruses, including Streptococcus pyogenes which cause Strep-through as well as the entire range of Influenza viruses. As such this device can help in reducing the transmission rate of the common cold and flu.


SaniTASTIC, has been deliberately designed without HEPA filters.

  • The key reasons for this approach are;
  • Avoiding the retention of particulate matter, thus ensuring the design airflow rate is always consistent.
  • Maintenance is substantially simpler and more affordable. Critical for cash-strapped aged care.
  • When filters are included without differential pressure monitoring and high DP alerts, filters are changed subjectively at random intervals, at the discretion of and to the benefit of the maintainer. This is detrimental to the effectiveness of the air treatment and the people its meant to protect.
  • Filters require the fan to generate a higher static pressure, thus resulting in increased noise, power consumption and costs (Capex & Opex).
  • Most importantly however, we’ve omitted filters so as to seek benefit from allowing inactivated virus exposure. This would contribute to enhancing the immune response.

    Downdraft airflow

    SaniTASTIC has also been specifically designed to promote fast flowing downward airflow. This approach aids in preventing horizontal person to person aerosol transmission.

    Inexpensive and Rapidly Implementable

    SaniTASTIC is not only very affordable, it delivers a handsome Returns on Investment. Especially for operators of aged-care facilities, restuarants, offices, co-working centers, theartes, schools and the like.

    Implementation is as simple as afixing it to the ceiling with four screws, plugging into a power points and turning it on.

    Many use-cases

    The Model-S is our larger capacity version. It's designed for horizontal installations and direct attachment to your ceiling and can be used many settings.

    Universities Schools
    Elevators Tourist Coaches
    Buses Trams
    Trains Offices
    Testing Stations RSL, Cafes, Bistros
    Aged Care Hotels


    Product Details

    • High UV-C in enclosed hosuing - 500 J/m2
    • Environment friendly
    • No chemicals
    • Completely dry process
    • No residues
    • Cleans the air in public or work spaces
    • Reduce the chance of catching the flu
    • Reduce the chance of catching air borne coronavirus
    • Helps reduce sick-day off
    • Helps alleviate anxiety
    • Dimension: 205mm(W) x 150mm(D) x 1600mm (L)
    • Airflow: 180m3/hr
    • Energy efficient, 117 Watts, 240 Vac, 50 Hz
    • Made in Australia
    • Custom design and White-label options available

    3D Model


    Since UV-C light inactivates infectious viruses, rendering it incapable of reproduction, we believe that SaniTastic could play a significant role in helping improve immunity without contributing to increasing the size of the viral colony. In other words, whilst this appliance kills off coronavirus, it expells an inert version of the prevailing strain to serve as a further means of protecting the community.

    This works in a similar manner to vaccines. In the absence of a coronavirus vaccine, this product could not be more timely.

    We are seeking to work with large hospitality groups in conjunction with our university research partners to determine the overall community health and consequential economic benefits. If you your business like to participate, please email us at


    Enter your facility's parameters to estimate SaniTastic's RoI

    SANITASTIC - Model R


    SaniTastic disinfects indoor air using the power of UV-C Germicidal Disinfection Light.

    This unit has been specifically developed to help restaurants and cafes deal with mitigating the spread of infectious airborne pathogens. Especially since owners have no way of knowing if someone entering their business is infected with a contagious disease.

    It contains a high output UV-C disinfection germicidal light and fan. Air is drawn in at the top, disinfected in the vortex tube and expelled downward to discourage cross flow.

    The design prevents harmful levels of UV-C light escaping while at the same time delivering UV dosage levels inside the tube of 200 J/m2, which is sufficient to inactivate the hardiest viruses.

    Peace of mind

    Whilst no installation can guarantee complete elimination of infectious pathogens, in these challenging times putting our best foot forward to protect customers goes a long way to gaining trust and reputation. Eating out has alway been an enjoyable pastime, and a means of escaping the stress and worries of the daily grind. Covid-19 has changed that. Hence, every step that restaurants & cafes take towards protecting their patrons and staff is one that will pay dividends.

    Priority #1 - Customer Safety

    When you care about your customer and visibly demonstrate that your business takes their health seriously, you'll be rewarded in the best way possible. That being conversion to loyal, frequently returing clients.

    State of the art performance

    We recommend installing multiple units so as to ensure that the air inside your room is disinfected by the SaniTastic at a rate of at least 15 time per hour.


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