SaniJet is a mobile sanitiser that uses the disinfecting power UV-C light to kill germs in commercial passenger jets.

Air travel is a highly beneficial and essential part of the global economy, but aircraft also carry harmful germs, viruses and bacteria, as demonstrated by Covid-19.

It is however possible to massively reduce the transmission of infectious diseases via aircraft, simply be disinfecting every flight prior to passenger embarkation.

Yes, passenger aircraft are routinely cleaned by wiping down using surface disinfectants. This is an expensive and laborious task that cannot be effectively done in the time it takes to turn around a flight. Hence these types of deep cleans are only carried out when the flight turn around time is sufficently long.

Now we have a better solution

SaniJet is the solution that allows each and every flight to be sanitised, quite simply because of its disinfecting power, speed and operational efficiency. A typical short-haul commercial passenger jet such as a Boeing 787-800 or Airbus A320-200 can be disinfected in under 15 minutes. Importantly, no damaging chemicals are used, no dampness, residues or odours are produced and surfaces are not degraded.

This frequency of sanitation, using hospital grade UV-C disinfection technology, provides the highest level of passenger safety and peace of mind, thus endearing confidence in the airline.

For less than $3 per seat, we can provide SaniJet Sanitation as a Service to each and every boarding gate for sanitation of every flight prior to passenger embarkation. Between flights the seating in the boarding lounge can also be UV sanitised. This universal approach will ensure a faster return to pre-Covid capacities and prevent the airlines from being impacted further by lingering CV-19 or similar infectious outbreaks. In general, aircraft will be cleaner and free of the unseen nasties.

SaniJet Extended

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