SaniBot is an advanced UV sanitation collaborative robot.

It employs powerful UV-C spectrum light to disinfect surfaces and in-door air.

By mounting UV-C germicidal irradiation lamps onto Omron's autonomous mobile robotic platform, SaniBot is able to deliver the much higher disinfection dosages than non-mobile devices. Furthermore, it's capable of exposing surfaces that would otherwise be shadowed and similtaneously more thoroughly disinfect the air within the room

As the demand of disinfecting surfaces in work and public spaces increases, autonomous robots are making it easier and cost effective to deploy the power of UVC sanitisation.

3D Model - Use pointer to rotate and scroll-wheel to zoom.

Use Cases

  • Hospitals



    The SaniBot provides an additional layer of protection to hospitals, age-care facilities, clinics and all types of medical facilities.

    SaniBot compliments the efforts of sanitation staff as well as protecting those workers

    Typically SaniBot can sanitise a hospital room in as little as 20 minutes. Thus helping cut cleaning costs and making beds available quicker.

  • Hotels


    Hotels, Motels, Hostels

    Venues that use SaniBot clearly demonstrate to their patrons that the highest level of sanitation is being applied. Thus delivering reassurance and peace of mind.

    Consumers support businesses that make customer safety their #1 priority. Staff are also more at ease, making for an overall better customer experience.

  • Public Places


    Anywhere people gather

    The SaniBot is ideal for desinfecting casinos, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, food-courts, shopping centres, stadiums, gymnasiums, cinemas, and a host of places were people socialise.

How does it works

How it works

Getting close-up is important

Cleaning cycle

Once SaniBot is in the room, the cleaner does the following;

  • Places a DO NOT ENTER - SANITATION IN PROGRESS sign on the door
  • Makes sure that no one is in the room
  • Exits the room, closing the door behind them
  • Starts the sanitation process from outside the room via SaniBot App

SaniBot will then illuminate, map-out the space and transverse the room in a way that it gets as close as possible to all the objects within the room.

When finished SaniBot will return to the position it started at and send a I'M FINISHED message to the cleaner. When the cleaner re-enters the room, SaniBot will be instructed to head to a holding location. If it requires battery recharging, it will head over to the docking station-charger.

Return on Investment

Enter your hospital's parameters to estimate SaniBot's RoI

99.99% Of microbes killed
15 minutes Per rooms
24Rooms Per shift
80% Infection reduction

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest in SaniBot. It will be our pleasure to assist you further.

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