SaniAMB is a disinfection appliance that uses the power of UV-C light to sanitise the inside of ambulances and patient transport vehicles.

It's designed to provide an additional layer of protection to compliment existing cleaning protocols.

It's used as an initial clean to irradiate the highly exposed, high contact surfaces in the vehicle. As the first step clean, it reduces the probability of staff coming into contact with infectious pathogens, that may be lingering in the air and on surfaces.

SaniAMB delivers 255 watts of UV-C Germicidal Irradiation at a peak wavelength of 253 nm. This ensures >99.99% inactivation of even the most hardy bacteria, viruses, molds and infecticous microbes.

A UV-C dosage of 25 mJ/cm2 is achieved on surfaces within 1m of the light in less than 15 seconds. Since some surfaces within the vehicle may be up to 3m away, we recommend a sanitation exposure time of 10 minutes within a closed vehicle.

Width x Depth 500 x 500 mm
Height 1,475mm
Weight 20 kg
Power 800 watts
Electrical supply 3.5A, 240Vac, 1ph, 50/60Hz
Material of construction Aluminium


UV-C Air Sanitation

To provide continuous, 24/7 sanitation of the air within the vehicle our SaniTastic unit can be integrated into the cabin.

3D Model


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