Yes, UV-C is dangerous. Do not look directly at the light source or reflected UV-C light. It will cause permanent eye damage. It's effects is similar to looking into the sun or welding arc flash. Always wear UV-C rated protective eyewear when in close proximity to UV-C lights.

Also shield your skin from UV-C light. Exposure for as little as few minutes wiill result in skin irratation and long term repeated exposure could result in cancer.

All light is electromagnetic radiation. UV Light is in the approximate wavelength range 100 to 400 nm. It's wavelength range that is shorter than visible light (400 to 700 nm) and longer than x-rays and gama-rays.

UV-C Light is a particulate part of the light spectrum in the wavelength range of 100 to 280 nm. UV-B light's range is 280 - 315 nm and UV-A is 315 - 400 nm.

UV-C is further segmented into Far UV-C which is in the range of 100 to 200 nm and Disinfection or Germicidal UV-C which is in the range of 200 to 280 nm.

Since Far UV-C is not easily or cost effectively produced, SaniBot products use light sources that generate Germicidal UV-C and target the most effective wavelength for inactivating the DNA of infectious microbes that being 250 - 260 nm.


Yes. UV-C light has been used for many decades to kill infectious pathogens in various healthcare settings and coronavirus is similar to many of our well know viruses.

Numerous published and unpublished studies has been conducted on the UV-c's effectiveness in killing coronavirus.

Here's a link to a study in 2007

Here's a link to one of the studies as early as 2004

Here's a link the the FDA's latest information

Whilst UV-C light is used to cure certain platics, it can very moderately affect others.

polycarbonate materials are commonly used in healthcare and commercials settings and since there's a global proliferation of UV-C disinfection products, it's important to understand the affects of UV-C on plastics.

Here's findings from the collaborative research being undertaken by one of our UV-C Light source manufacturers (Crystal IS) and a leading polymer producer (Covestro) "...Impact of UVC disinfection on polycarbonate materials"


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