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The SaniGuard Isolation Pod is potentially also a treatment option for people infected with Coronavirus as well as other viruses that infect the respiratory systems.

SaniGuard is primarily intended to protect healthcare workers and prevent transmission of airborne pathogens.

SaniGuard is essentially a personal, negative pressure cleanroom that delivers ultra filtered & UV-C disinfected air to the occupant of the pod. It also ultra filters and UV-C disinfects the air exhausted from pod, thus ensuring all the coronavirus produced by the patient is captured and killed.

Whilst SaniGuard is a protection appliance, it could also contribute to reducing a patient's recovery time, by virtue of the fact that while the patient is inside the pod, they no longer re-breath highly contaminated air.

SaniGuard Healthcare SaniGuard Covid


New area of investigation.

The SaniGuard also includes additional UV-C germicidal disinfection lights to intermittently disinfect the bed linen within the pod.

SaniBot is now seeking to collaborate with healthcare partners to investigate the use of these lights as a means of treating coronavirus. Since UV-C lights inactivates the DNA & RNA of the virus (rendering it incapable of reproducing), it is thought that the re-inhalation of inactivated virus could assist in enhancing an immune response in the patient, while simultaneously reducing the viral load.

We have defined a way in which the patient's eyes and skin can be protected from the UV-C light while they're inside the pod. While protected the lights are illuminated to inactivate any coronavirus floating around inside the pod. Some of the inactivated virus will be re-breathed by the patient. It's important to note that the re-breathed virus is only that which has been produced by the patient. This treatment would thus be akin a personalized vaccine.

We are extremely excited by the prospects of this innovation and look forward to working with hospitals and health authorities to protect healthcare workers and hopefully help Covid patients recover faster and to a better state of health. Our ultimate hope is that we can leverage the capabilities of a single device to solve multiple, critical problems that is impacting the world today.


More info...

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  • Murdoch Children's Research Institute studies family with coronavirus to find out why their children were immune
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  • SaniBot views this solution as complimentary to its Covid Treatment Centers initiative. Please contact SaniBot for further deatils.
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