Good ventilation reduces the spread of Covid-19


Scientist and virologist are increasingly highlighting that Coronavirus is spread more widely and efficiently through indoor air, than via surface bound droplets. This supports data from healthcare professionals at the frontline.

Virus spreading through the air is orders of magnitude harder to suppress than surface bound virus. This is due in part to there being many well established practices to disinfect surfaces and protect people. The same cannot be said for air. Furthermore, air is a very effective carrier medium.

There are however things that can be done to minimize airborne transmissions. In recent times there been significant adaptations of well-established technologies to disinfect and filter contaminated air. SaniBot is a leader in providing remedies to the Coronavirus problem.

Ventilation systems plays an important role in our lives and just as poor ventilation delivers poor health, it's also contributing to the spread of Coronavirus. For more information on this subject check-out the blog posts : CovidSAFE HVAC

The World Health Organization also provide lots of guidance. In the interview below, Dr, Maria Neira (WHO Director, Departments of Public Health) talks about good ventilation being a very important factor to prevent the virus from spreading indoors.


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control also provides good guidance on Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems in the context of COVID-19 as does the US-CDC and ASHRAE.

  • Download ECDC's latest HVAC advise here.
  • Here's ASHRAE's Covid-19 Response Resources.


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