UltraCovidSAFE Quarantine Hub

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UltraCovidSAFE EcoHouse

SaniBot's Eco-Quarantine Hub solves the Covid Quarantine problem.

In light of the challenges faced by quarantine hotels along with the need to safely accomodate an increase in the number of international travellers, SaniBot is developing UltraCovidSAFE Quarantine Hubs.

The hub design is based on the Eco-friendly modular building. Example pictured above.

This building systems allows dwellings to be built rapidly and inexpensively.

The key elements of the building are the pre-fabricated modular steel frame skeleton, solar panels and UltraCovidSAFE features that surpass Australia's most stringent IPC Protocal.

The essential differentiators of this design are lower construction cost and the ability of the asset to pay for itself in approximately 2 years. This is achieved at a price to travellers that is lower than currently charged by hotels.

The roof being entirely covered with PV solar panels thus making the building energy self-sufficient. Surplus energy can be used elsewhere within the hub or exported to the grid. There is no need to a gas, as all the energy needs are fulfilled by electricity.

    Each dwelling includes the following;
  • One or two bedroom configurations
  • Queen, king single and bunk bed configurations
  • Separate bathroom with full size shower, toilet, hand basin and vanity
  • Electric instantaneous water heater
  • Kitchenette with sink, fridge/freezer, dishwaser, microwave oven, kettle, toaster, crockery and cutlery.
  • Lounge with 3 seater couch
  • Dining table and 4 chairs
  • Smart TV with streaming services
  • WiFi internet access
  • VOIP phone
  • R2.0 Insulated ceiling and walls
  • Reverse cycle air conditioner
  • Optional - Under floor electric heating
  • Tiled flooring throughout
  • Solar power and energy management system
  • Single phase power outlets and USB ports
  • Access control door lock
  • Monitored security & CCTV system
  • Intelligent building monitoring and control for optimising resources and maintenance management



UltraCovidSAFE measures

Since construction costs are low, these dwelling can be spaced out to provide the first level of separation. The hub concept design as shown in the 3D models below has the dwellings at least 4.3m apart.

Each dwelling also includes these protection systems;

SaniUltra UV-C disinfection devices are installed into each dwelling to ensure the air within the dwelling is sanitised at least 12 times each and every hour. It also incorporates UV-C disinfecton lights to disinfect the hard and soft surfaces upon the dwelling being vacated. This provides an extra level of protection for cleaning staff conducting the terminal clean. More info...

A SaniHatch is fitted to every dwelling so a to ensure that items that may contain surface bound infectious materials are not passed to the hub's support staff, especially those collecting used food containers and crockery and the like. More info...

A front varandah over the enterance provides a sheltered area where non-critical health examinations and Covid tests can be performed. Testing and consultations in the open air, rather than indoors provides a further protection for healthcare workers and officials.

Life After Covid

Since these dwellings are modularly constructed, they can be partially disassembled, transported and repurposed.

They could also simply remain on site and re-configured into a multi-level hotel.

Alternatively they could be used as low cost housing, whose rent is subsidised via the sale of electricity.

High return investment

    With multiple income streams this development has the ability to pay for itself.
  • While quarantining is required, at least until early 2024;
  • Quarantine service charges
  • Premium catering
  • Sale of surplus electricity
  • Post-covid;
  • Rental income from social housing program
  • Sale of surplus electricity
  • Sale of dwellings to retirement villages, holiday parks, hostels, private use buyers, etc...
  • Sale of medical centre equipments
  • Repurposing of assets

When transitioned to low cost social housing, rent can be as little as $250/week for a 2 bedroom home and tenants will have no gas or electricity bills, thus giving them the best possible chance to recover from their hardships and enjoy a successful and fullfilling life.

Hub Features

Robust support service is key to ensuring zero virus escape and success of the quarantine hub.

Aircraft cabins and cargo holds can be thoroughly disinfected with with the assistance of SaniJet. This provides an extra layer of protection to aircraft cleaners and maintenance personnel.

Baggage can be automatically disinfected with SaniVeyor . This provides an extra layer of protection for baggage handlers.

SaniCounters can be used to protect Border Force, Customs and Bio-security personnel.

Passenger transport to their quarantine appartment is a very short trip in shuttle bus that has the driver physically partitioned from the passengers. Security and vistor onboarding staff accompany in a separate vehicle.

Airline crew have separate accomodation and special facilities, including relaxation lounges, restaurants, gym, pool and tennis court.

On-site catering. All meals for quarantining guests, airline crew and hub staff is prepared in a dedicated facility.

An on-site Medical Centre is manned 24/7 by specially trained healthcare staff to handle day-to-day and emergency medical needs.

On-site 24/7 patrolled security.

On-site specialist waste collection and pre-processing. All the waste produced in the hub will be processed in a dedicated OMPECO facility that will sterilize the waste before its transfered to landfill. This reduces the waste disposal costs as well as the burden on landfill sites.


Best view on a large screen

Click and select 3D View

Detailed view of a single dwelling

Conceptual layout of a 600 dwelling hub

280 - 420 Arrivals per week 122 acres

Conceptual layout of a 4,500 dwelling hub

2,100 - 3200 Arrivals per week 403 acres


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